Foshan Lingnan Tiandi


Leveraging O2O communication power for new F&B tenants promotion



The highlights of the campaign includes:

Online viral game: by leveraging the hot TV reality show<Daddy where are we going?>, we designed an online viral game for consumer to strive for the steamed stuffed bun for the popular kid star. The steamed stuffed buns are all named as the new tenants. Consumer can get the E-coupon after finishing the game and can be pulled to the offline new tenants. Also leverage the OOH effect.

Selected media tasting tour: invite local key lifestyle and F&B media/KOL to join an offline media tasting tour and get real experience of the new cuisine.

In-depth cooperation with F&B KOL: the KOL has joined the offline tasting and developed a special feature for Lingnan Tiandi WeChat and the tailor-made booklet.

Tailor-made booklet: a full story to speak out the highlights of new F&B tenants.



MSL China generated good results as:

More 1500+ new followers have been generated within 2 days after the viral game launched.

In-depth media stories and shootings for the new tenants after the promotion.

Traffic buzz has been driven to the offline tenants.