Xi’an Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd.


Promoting and raising awareness of the impact of a debilitating immune-system disorder.



  • To raise awareness of the impact of a debilitating immune-system disorder affecting more than six million Chinese people;
  • To call for an end to the stigma associated with psoriasis
  • To hold a launching event to trigger massive public attention on PsO



Pearl Action- Caring for Psoriasis with Love” was launched in Beijing in partnership with the Chinese Medical Association Society of Dermatology on October 20, 2013

  • 24 media to attend the Pearl Action launch event, with 10 participating in group interviews. Meanwhile, MSLGROUP China distributed the press release to selected media. Up to November 19th, 297 media reports were collected, including 26 originals, and 259 online reprints, and 16 from Weibo accounts and blogs.
  • 3 videos were shot from different angles to reflect the key message of the campaign. Experts and the patient are spreading and sharing the knowledge on the psoriasis with the audience on the spot.