Singapore Tourism Board


Helping The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to attract more experienced travelers and to rebrand Singapore an accessible getaway



The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) came to MSLGROUP China in order to attract more experienced travelers for a more profound travel experience. MSLGROUP China’s goal was to rebrand Singapore an accessible getaway with a high concentration of iconic experiences. In China, STB aimed to continuously enhance its brand awareness in tier-1 cities and grow its business focus in tier-2 cities.




Drawing insights of the target audience, brand equity and new product offerings, we planned and executed two integrated campaigns which incorporated branded content, advocates and multiple touch points, to communicate the theme of “New Discoveries.”

To meet the right and widest target, we selected cooperation with high profile channels such as professional TV programs involving advocates to illustrate Singapore’s breadth and depth of experiences through compelling storytelling. Meanwhile, we designed creative weibo activities to engage more target audiences and enhance brand awareness.




MSLGROUP China’s campaign got the key message across:

  • Generated RMB 41 million in ad value (USD 6.7 million)
  • Added 70,169 followers to STB’s weibo
  • Connected with 58,168 followers through interactive games
  • From May to August 2012, the campaign reached nearly 6.5 million unique users in 7 markets in China.
  • And during 2012, Chinese tourists arriving in Singapore reached a record-breaking 1.52 million between January and September.