Shanghai Xintiandi – Merry Kissmas Campaign


Aim to reinforce fashion origin design, art&culture inspiration and integrated lifestyle destination, and drive as many consumer to Xintiandi as possible, we launched an integrated PR campaign for Christmas season.



Fashion origin design, art&culture inspiration and integrated lifestyle destination are three highlights of its long term communication. Its aim to reinforce these and also drive as many consumers to Xintiandi as possible, by launching an integrated PR campaign for Christmas season.




During the holiday season, the British designer Paul Cocksedge worked out a special Christmas tree for Xintiandi, which could only be lighted up by a couple's kiss. Based on this, we came out the campaign theme "Merry Kissmas@Xintiandi"(吻亮天地), and also developed a slogan as "No More Xmas, Let's Merry Kissmas" to catch consumer emotional linkage and drive their in-depth engagement.

By integrating all channels and resources including traditional media, social media, viral video, outdoor advertisement and celebrities etc. we implemented the campaign across 3 key stages:

  • Warm-up/Kiss Preview on traditional/social media to attract consumer curiosity
  • Creative video with the leveraging of hot accounts and KOL cooperation
  • Launch/Kiss Ceremony to call for consumer action
  • Leverage celebrity resource to expand the influence
  • Create various media angles on multiple media channels for the maximized exposure on traditional media
  • 360°emotion-based weibo social communication plan to reach consumer heartbeat including

Sustain/Kiss Sharing on social platform to encourage consumer secondary communication




This campaign has effectively delivered key messages and achieved outstanding PR results:

  • 8,094 kiss have been generated in total during the 2-month campaign
  • 273 clippings with RMB 38,781,545 AD value, 34% good clipping (Print 1/4P+, TV & Video 3min+)
  • Cover 170 media and 201 journalists including national website, video and TV media
  • Engaged 16 media interviews in total for celebrities, artists and curators
  • Total discussion about #吻亮天地#on weibo platform has reached 583,453
  • The highest number of instant weibo talking about #Kissmas# has reached 114,214
  • Weibo followers has increased 56.3%, as 32,002 fans of growth