Shanghai Xintiandi JR INSIDE OUT


Encourage local citizens to stand for the city and join in the global art project INSIDE OUT by all people



Since the year of 2014, Xintiandi has enhanced the positioning of art&culture inspiration by bringing more global art projects and supporting local artists 'development. However, engaging as many consumers as possible and drive traffic to those exhibitions, projects and tenants is a big challenge for us, especially in the recent art project, INSIDE OUT global project. The INSIDE OUT global project, which is initiated by the French artist JR, is aimed to encourage people to take the black&white portraits of themselves to show their attitudes. But according to the traditional culture and opinions of China, it is not auspicious to take the black&white portrait, let alone post the portraits in the public area.




We rewrite the story of INSIDE OUT and create a new theme which is “Seek the most representative attitude of Shanghai”.

  • Leverage classic black&white posters to give consumer a better and closer understanding of the project
  • Pitch the warm-up coverage on media owned social platforms such as weibo/wechat to warm up the project
  • Set up a special media shooting day for media shooting and interview
  • Pay more efforts on foreign media communication
  • Leverage key opinion leaders to join in the project and lead the trend
  • Write the stories of Shanghai representative local citizens to reach the emotional linkage with consumers.




The campaign ended on May 29th, receiving positive results by its 1st phase including:

  • More than 1000 pieces of portraits have been generated in the first shooting phase of 3 days.
  • 147 clippings with RMB 48,707,507 AD value in China mainland media.
  • A coverage on the most influential news program in China as Xinwen Lianbo on CCTV has been generated by linking the Shanghai attitude with CICA summit.
  • 10 clippings with RMB 533,467 AD value among international media including the 1/2 page of picture news on The Wall Street Journal.