Porsche - Empowering the Future


MSLGROUP CHINA oversaw a CSR strategy that evolved from ad hoc donations into a fully fledged “Empowering the Future”




Luxury car brands in China were facing a reputation issue to such a point that CSR activities were being overshadowed by bad news.

With no CSR platform for Porsche internationally, there was a lack of internal infrastructure to support manpower, materials or budget.



MSLGROUP China oversaw a CSR strategy that evolved from ad-hoc donations into a the fully fledged “Empowering the Future” campaign, which was officially launched in 2008.

Since PORSCHE joined hands with UNICEF, Ministry of Education (MOE), and METRU, it highlighted Porsche’s ongoing efforts to support youth education and development programs in China’s rural areas with extreme conditions.

In June 2012, Integrated Early Childhood Development (IECD) was signed under joint efforts of UNICEF and PORSCHE, which focuses on pregnant women and children of 0-3 years old.