LYCRA® Moves You Consumer Campaign


Developed a B2C pilot campaign focus on Denim segment to enhance the aspirational brand image of LYCRA® fiber.



Fiber brand LYCRA® relies on its fashion partners to make itself visible to Chinese consumers, who mostly recognize LYCRA® but do not understand the brand’s benefits or value. A new global consumer campaign – LYCRA® Moves You – was set to go live in October 2014 to improve consumer awareness and activate purchasing intent for denim with LYCRA® fiber.



From our consumer surveys, we understood that our female TA who aged from 20-35 were not tied emotionally to the brand, and chose to pursue their own styles. We designed a multi-stage, integrated marketing campaign around the theme #LYCRA® Movers# and established the idea that no matter what brand was chosen, if it was tagged with LYCRA®, it tagged freedom, and tagged you as a LYCRA®Mover. We developed emotionally-charged videos featuring profiles of #LYCRA® MOVERS# to resonate with target audiences. We identified KOLs, celebrities and true consumers to spark discussions on various digital platforms and share their personal stories. We promoted LYCRA® MOVERS through press conferences, partnership with and large-scale experiential events at selected high-traffic areas. In addition, Wechat QR code was also printed on all LYCRA® garments’ tags for them to access contents on Wechat’s official account.



We received more than 715,412,781 impressions, which is 27% higher than the target. Based on our survey results, 81% of people expressed willingness to purchase garments containing LYCRA® fiber, 14% higher than 2013. We also helped to activate the purchasing intent of jeans with LYCRA®, as 88% of people regarded jeans with LYCRA® fiber is better than those without it, 16% higher than 2013. 88% of people being surveyed thought jeans with LYCRA® fiber is more reliable.