Kraft - The first whole grain biscuit Campaign


Positioning Pacific as Leader of a New Whole Grain Biscuit Category in China and increasing Pacific Whole Grain’s brand awareness and preference in Campus



Kraft wanted to launch and promote its whole grain Pacific brand biscuits in China. However, when we conducted research on consumers, journalists and nutritionists, we found that the concept of “whole grain” was not clearly understood. Since there were other brands calling themselves whole grain as well, this made it hard for Kraft to sustain the claim of launching “the first real whole grain biscuit” in China.




In order to establish product awareness and perception quickly among consumers, while clearly differentiating from less serious competitors, the Eastwei MSL team developed an integrated four-phase PR campaign to position :

  • Establishing the whole grain category by cooperating with China Nutrition Society to create public discussion of whole grain foods
  • “Planting” of a giant wheat field at Oriental Pearl TV Tower to create WOM
  • Official launch, positioning the new product as “the first whole grain biscuit in line with Chinese Dietary Guidelines”
  • Reaching out to “office ladies” through topics relevant to them
  • develop features to enlarge product awareness and preference
  • In addition to successfully establishing Pacific as the whole grain category leader, the PR campaign also provided direct support for sales
  • 457 clippings
  • Advertising equivalent value of RMB 34 million
  • Immediate sales boost with zero advertising investment at launch
  • In order to increase brand awareness, establish preference and then trigger target’s first trail. The MSL team initiated a campus campaign with hot topics of career development and combined with below and above the line activities to attract targets’ attention
  • Under the theme of “Showing Your Beautiful Natural”, a seminar from three aspects, diet, interview skill and make up to share job interview tips, and a creative photo shooting competition that is integrated with road show, SNS and campus KOL to boost Pacific Whole Grain awareness and build young and trendy image. 



The campus campaign successfully achieved:

  • Over 200 students took part in the seminar
  • Over 870 students joined the road show and took the photos
  • Over 285 students shared their photos on Renren
  • Over 94,137 page views among this 285 participants’ photos with 312 comments and over 30,966 posts forward.