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MSLGROUP China profiles EY to business students all over mainland China




In the yearly survey measuring popular employers, EY had fallen far behind competitors, and internal moral was low. MSLGROUP China was given the assignment to improve EY’s position in the rankings among business students, while at the same time leveraging the program to include internal engagement among current employees. A challenge was to reach the students, who rarely consume traditional media but instead spend most of their time online. Another challenge was to position EY as a strategic consultancy firm instead of only an accounting firm, in order to formulate a message which would appeal to both recruits and internally. In addition, to get internal audience on engaging and understanding EY’s employee message and values. According to external factors, the campaign had to kick off in December, when most students already had received offers, as well as attended numerous company presentations.



MSLGROUP China conducted a target group analysis in order to craft an Employee Message and strategy reflecting the values of EY while at the same time being attractive for the target group. When implementing this, MSLGROUP China designed an implemented a program of four pillars, each supporting the others:

  • Campus Tour

Your Roadmap to Success. MSLGROUP China created the theme, presentation and set up, trained partner spokes people across the country and ensured marketing efforts to students within the campus tour. The seminars were filmed and edited for online re-usage. The theme was also chosen to attract students who have received their offers.

  • Social media program

MSLGROUP China designed and implemented an extensive online program, including establishing and maintaining a RenRen profile as well as a BBS outreach program. This was especially marketed internally, allowing for EY to share stories, read other employees stories, and become ambassadors towards students.

  • Media outreach program

MSLGROUP China identified and trained spokes people and set up media interviews to position EY leaders and have them talk about their career development within the firm. Clippings were reposted online.

  • Case contest

A nation wide case contest gave students the opportunity to be consultants and get hands on experiences for what EY are doing, showcasing that EY is more than accounting.



Halter significantly raised brand awareness and image and developed relationships with key media in China:

  • In addition to press release distribution, 177 journalists from 91 media conducted 25 interviews and released 3 feature articles in 2 days.
  • This generated 356 clippings including 157 originals and 199 online quotes, with advertising value of 41 MRMB.