Promoting 2013 9th AZ Breast Cancer Summit and Breast Cancer Endocrine Therapy Social Media.


2013 9th AZ Breast Cancer Summit



By June 14, total 73 media articles were published. 30 originals, and of this number, 22 are in-depth report, accounting for 73% of the total originals. 43 pick up by major websites.

Return of Investment:

  • Coverage: Total impression of 23,220,000 people
  • Advertisement value:RMB 1,050,900
  • PR event cost: RMB 200,000
  • Cost effectiveness (A/P): 5: 1



Breast Cancer Endocrine Therapy Social Media Promotion



  • To focus on disease rate of breast cancer and the importance of endocrine therapy;
  • Leverage big account/KOLs on social media platform to enhance the influence of breast cancer endocrine therapy, spread breast cancer related knowledge, while upgrade the endocrine therapy recognitions among the target group;
  • Promotion period: 3 weeks



Week 1 content:

  • Basic knowledge of breast cancer;
  • The group of people with high risk.

Week 2 content:

  • Knowledge of breast cancer endocrine therapy;
  • Call for public attention on breast cancer;
  • Share tips on avoiding breast cancer.

Week 3 content:

  • Strengthening the knowledge;
  • Call for self-caring and care of family members, dig out public resonate and generate more netizens’ attention and online discussion.



  • Diversified angles were used in social media – weibo promotion with stories + pictures which received hot buzz online: around 2000 online reporductions and 427 comments.
  • Fans outreach: 19,556,059;
  • Exposure: 398,257(source from sina weibo)