Rejuvenating Alpenliebe’s image as a “Kindness” Brand for youths via social media



  • Base upon the social heartbeat among target consumers, a 3-year brand campaign was developed by MSLGROUP China.
  • Brand proposition: Kindness
    • Kindness provided urban Chinese youth with a natural outlet for the relentless pressures of China’s economic progress, and an opportunity to connect with people in an increasingly solitary life.
  • Communication channel: Social media centered
    • Given the nature of information search behavior among TA, social media platform offers the best communication platform to evoke, engage the TA.
  • The brand campaign
    • Offline activities, such as media event, consumer engaging activity are smartly utilized to generate the best UGC for online activities, and ntensive co-op with NGOs and selective co-op with celebrities are applied to gain credential, awareness and preference in the fast fashion



  • Up to 2012, the second year of the brand campaign;
  • The top 3 most influential official weibo account in Sina weibo, generating 490K fans in 2 years with interacting with the brand to 3.21 percent (Average brand interaction rate is 0.3% - 0.5%.);
  • Increased Sina Weibo impressions by 308 percent with 22M+ conversation in 2012 alone;
  • Drove 20% sales increase in 2012 and 16% increase in 2011 while the average increase among industry is 10%.